Steam System

Steam System Optimization – How to Eliminate Steam Venting

There are two types of steam systems



›Understanding the dynamics of each system will help in eliminating steam venting

›A Steam Balance would be great tool to have for any steam plant operation



Venting Steam is the No. 1 Largest Energy Loss
In the Steam System

›With today’s competitive international market;

–All plants need to reduce operating cost and reduction in energy consumption

–One of the major areas that can help to increase the bottom line

›Steam/condensate systems cannot afford to vent any steam;

–Utility steam,

–Blow through steam,

–Flash steam


Waterhammer in Steam and Condensate Systems

Segment One; What is Waterhammer

Water hammer is never normal in the steam and condensate system and must be always considered extremely abnormal and totally unacceptable in today’s plant operation. Water hammer is not only a system issue; it is primarily a safety issue. Understanding the nature and severity of water hammer in a steam and condensate system will allow plants to avoid it’s the safety issue and destructive forces.


Steam and Condensate System Waterhammer

Segment Two; The different types of Waterhammer

There are five typical conditions have been identified as causes of the violent reactions known as water hammer. The presentation will provide an in-depth review and videos of each condition and the corrections that were made to prevent waterhammer.


Steam and Condensate System Waterhammer

Segment Three; Solutions to Waterhammer

Steam and condensate system changes need to be implemented to prevent and eliminate water hammer.  Presentation will review the necessary changes that if institute in the system will provide a safe and reliable operation.

Some the changes:

  1. Implement proper training for plant personnel.
  2. Ensure correct steam and condensate design.
  3. Have documented standard operating procedures (SOPs) for steam system start-ups and shutdowns.


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