August 24, 2017

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Steam System Thermal Cycle Efficiency. First Step in Understanding and Optimizing A Steam System Click Here To Download the Article PDF

1. What Is steam system thermal cycle efficiency?

What is steam thermal cycle efficiency, and what affects the efficiency? These are questions that all steam system managers must be able to answer. The average steam system thermal cycle efficiency is 56.3%, which means that 43.7% of the energy consumed in boilers is wasted or lost. It is impossible to use all the energy input into the boilers. Therefore, the operation will have a few acceptable losses, but a high percentage of losses can be prevented or eliminated. Some plants may be more efficient, and some plants may be less efficient. But not until the steam system is benchmarked will plant management know how much energy is being lost in the steam system. The total system is shown in Figure 1. Calculate the thermal cycle efficiency by subtracting the Btu’s recovered and returned to the boiler plant from the total fuel energy or Btu’s input into the boiler to generate the steam.
  • When benchmarking the thermal cycle, the quantity of the sensible energy in the condensate that is returned to the boiler is considered the recovered energy.
  • The deaerator uses steam from the main steam line maintain pressure and temperature on the deaerator. Therefore, it cannot be the benchmark for recovered condensate.

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