April 15, 2020

Best Practice No. 64: Installation Guidelines for Steam Heat Transfer Components


Fourteen primary factors affect the performance, longevity, and ongoing maintenance requirements for steam heat transfer components. Generally, a steam component should be evaluated in terms of a 15-year operational life cycle. The proper selection of a component first requires a full understanding of the operational characteristics of the system where the steam component will function. The plant should conduct a thorough review of the steam system’s operating parameters, reliability requirements, and documentation. Failing to understand the total context of
the application commonly results in improperly sized and misapplied steam heat-transfer components. In addition to understanding the application, plant personnel must also be familiar with all pertinent codes and design specifications. TEMA, ASME, API, and B31.1 are some of the codes and standards that personnel should review to ensure safety and proper operation. Adhering to appropriate installation recommendations for steam components will eliminate premature failures, enhance the likelihood of proper performance, and ensure the longevity of the heat-transfer units and the associated components.